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Cork Ideas and Tips

Our cork can easily be cut with scissors, utility knife and an old fashioned guillitone paper cutter. We use our disc cutter for cutting perfect rounds and making donuts. Use a paper hole punch or metal punch pliers for making holes. We have even used a tooth pick for hole punching because the cork is so soft.

We like to glue the cork using fast drying glues, The Ultimate Glue or E-6000. The cork is porous, so when gluing, use a thin film to avoid the glue coming up through to the top and glueing your fingers to your piece...especially with the fast dry glues.

Try riveting, sewing or gluing your pieces of cork to other materials such as our anodized aluminum discs, metal cuffs, fabric, leather, wood, filigree and interesting found items. The sky is the limit!




We took our solid anodized aluminum discs gave them  a little texture, glued on a pieces of cork that we cut in our disc cutter and whola...playful, fun and easy to create earrings.







silver cork cuff


This cuff was created by gluing our Patterned Cork veneer into the channel of this silver cuff. We took a black Sharpie and colored the edges of the cork before gluing in our strip with The Ultimate glue. Then, we punched a hole in the center of the cuff to place a Nunn Design screw back bezel into. One of our shell cabs was the finishing touch glued into the bezel.



Make a unique cuff by gluing the cork directly onto a blank brass cuff. Measure the width of the cuff and cut a rectangular piece of cork the same width and about and inch or so longer than the length of the cuff. Then glue the strip on and let dry. We like to use a glue that has more open time, like The Ultimate Glue or E-6000, to make sure we have plenty of time to move the piece into the right position. After the glue has set, take a small utility knife or blade and trim the ends to the contour of the cuff. We used a sharpie on the open edges of the cork and brass to give it a more finished look. Piping, bead fringe and cording are also options. Embelish the cuff with shell, aluminum discs, wire wrapping, riveting etc. if desired.

cork cuffs

We covered our other brass cuff with Ultrasuede first before attaching the cork. Glue the Ultrasuede directly onto the brass using The Ultimate Glue. Then, glue the cork strip directly onto the Ultrasuede. We added some 1mm leather cord to the outside of the cork edge to give it a neat look. Embelish if desired.

The cork is soft and pliable like a heavier fabric. We used an 80/12 needle with a medium weight thread on these fabric samples.



sewn cork


Use a 90/14 denim or 100/16 leather needle for sewing on a leather cuff.

cork and leather cuff