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Leather Ideas and Tips

Our Leather comes in dozens of shapes and sizes in 15 different solid colors and 6 different embossed and faux gator textures. We hand dye half of our leather colors to create a one of a kind color palette.

It is 1.5-2.25mm thick and is stiff enough to stand on its own yet flexible enough to bend if needed. If you want to soften the leather, gently bend it back and forth until desired softness is achieved.

Create holes to attach findings, links and to dangle other components with our Punch Pliers. Use a disc cutter or Power Punch to create larger holes for interesting design.

Our components are designed to fit into each other for an endless collaboration of sorts between components. Let yourself be delighted exploring all the possibilities!

When inseting pieces within each other, make sure the insert has a tight fit into the piece that it is fitting into. If it is a bit small, stretch the insert by pulling on it with your fingers or hammer the insert(face side down) on a bench block to enlarge it. You want the two pieces to be snug. If the insert is a tad too big, stretch the outside piece to the needed size. The leather can always be wet in water and dried to shrink back up in size.

leather insert example

Use The Ultimate Glue to join an insert and it's companion piece together. Place the insert inside it's companion and make sure it is a tight fit. Adjust if necessary. Place the joined piece face side down. Spread an even layer of The Ultimate Glue across the entire backside of the piece. Let dry. The piece will be flexible and bonded together. This process works on joining leather to leather, as well as shell, copper and our aluminum.

leather bezel insert example

domed flower

Our leather can be formed by wetting it and letting it dry in a mold. Use a clean dapping block to dome our flowers using the weight of the punch to help hold the shape while drying.



Rivet leather components together or our Patina Copper or Anodized Aluminum for an interesting and beautiful mixed media effect.

leather rivet example

Combine rings, inserts, flowers and copper and set into our Nunn Design Bezels for an easy and beautiful finished look.

leather rivet example

Glue, rivet, combine, dangle...let your creativity explore the possibilities!

leather combination example