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Ultrasuede Ideas and Tips

Ultrasuede is a soft synthetic fabric that is perfect for cuffs, bead embroidery and fabric arts. We engrave our designs on an already wonderful material giving it extra dimension and beauty. All of our Ultrasuede is "Ultrasuede Soft".

The best way to cut the Ultrasuede is with scissors, rotary cutter, sharp blade or utlity knife. The sharpness of your cutting tool is the secret here for clean cuts. We like to use The Ultimate glue for all of our Ultrasuede assembling. It dries relatively fast, is flexible and dries clear.



We cut a piece of our Patterned Ultrasuede to match the width of the inside of this 1" Silver channel bracelet. Then we riveted on some pewter beads to give some contrast and glued the whole piece of Ultrasuede on to the bracelet using The Ultimate glue. The Ultrasuede and silver give this bracelet an elegant look.


ultrasuede broach


We cut 7 1 1/2"  petals out of our Patterned Ultrasuede  and glued them onto a 2" round aluminum disk. We then cut a disc out of our patterned cork and glued it onto a slightly larger round that we cut from our 36 gauge embossed copper. Inbetween this centerpiece and the Ultrasuede flower, we took some black craft wire and made some loops with one long piece to give some dimension to our piece. The pieces were all glued together and a broach pin was attached to the back.





This wild cuff is a combination of our Ultrasuede, Cork and Shell. A brass cuff is wrapped with a solid Ultrasuede color and glued in place.Ultrasuede petals are cut and glued onto the suede cuff. A round is cut out of a solid Ultrasuede color and glued to fit the back of a large shell donut. The center of this round can be stitched onto the suede cuff. Then a cork disc is cut to fit and glued to the inside hole of the donut.